Sunday, December 17, 2006

About Holy Cheese

Holy Cheese is a blog written by a 27 year old woman from Tel Aviv, who works as a software developer.

I first discovered food blogs about a year ago, and have been fascinated by many of them ever since. I discovered that so many people from all over the globe were writing (and taking amazing photos) of very interesting food.

After reading for some time, I felt I had something to contribute. I feel that the Israeli cuisine is unique in what can be called a Mediterranean Melting Pot, wait, I’ll explain: On the one hand - local food (lots of grains, a large variety of fresh vegetables, ocean fish, olive oil) that is the essence of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines.
On the other hand, many heritage foods brought from all the various countries that the Jewish people immigrated here from (mostly Russia, Poland, Morocco and Iraq but also Yemen, India and Argentina and many more).
A typical dinner at a typical local home would mix signature dishes or cooking techniques from several national cuisines without giving it second thought.

A little about me – I have loved reading restaurant reviews since about the age of twelve. I have always tried to experiment in the kitchen as a kid, mostly pushing the limits of our microwave in new directions (I’m not sure the manufacturer ever meant for anyone to cook cucumbers or formage blanc in them, but I tried anyway.)
I really like curling up in bed with a good cookbook.

I grew up in a Kosher keeping household: not strict enough to own two sinks, but we separated meat and dairy products, dishes and silverware. Never ate pork or seafood (fish notwithstanding).
When I moved out of my parents’ house, it took some time for me to find a new balance and to re-examine my boundaries regarding the kosher laws. I kept adhering to most of the ones I grew up with, but becoming lax mostly on the time period between eating meat and dairy.

The cooking – I’m much more of a cook, that a baker. I choose relatively healthy recipes incorporating fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains and chicken.
When I bake, it’s mostly sweet (though, I too have fallen for the No Knead Bread.)

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Rosemary in Utah said...

I want to say how much I like the animals you have pictured--they're adorable! Are they yours?
Maybe someday you'll write about them here.